The latest on CBD oil

The latest on CBD oil

We still have so much to learn about CBD and its possible benefits. It’s still a baby, and yet its already begun to make wake through the health and beauty ocean of an industry (to say the least!). Does this stuff really work? It’s exploding with success and hasn’t been studied enough to know how beneficial or non beneficial it is. Luckily its been accessible to many and as a result we’re reading claims of relief for anxiety, arthritis, head aches, general pain and the list goes on. I was extremely curious about what studies had actually been done when I first began exploring CBD products and its benefits. Thanks to the recent 2018 Farm Bill signed by Trump, we’re able to grow hemp more freely (state regulations differ) and in turn will soon be seeing more research and studies that will benefit the greater good. Here’s what we know…

Treatment for Epilepsy

As of June 2018 FDA released news approving CBD as treatment for rare and severe forms of Epilepsy. This is an absolute success! Click on the link to learn more about the specifics. This is the first time that a “drug” derived from hemp is being acceptable by law. I don’t know about you but I’m stoked for what’s to come. CBD’s future, and marijuana for that matter, are bright. I only hope we continue to bask in its warmth.

CBD Potential

So after I read up on the news above, my assumption of CBD’s potential was validated. I thought, if this is the first rite of passage for CBD, imagine what will follow. The NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information, gives access to tests and research done on CBD treatment for various diseases and illnesses. All the reports available for the public to view. A lot of these reports will tell you of CBD’s potential. There is still much testing to be done to be approved by the FDA to make a statement of its benefits by law. But testing is being done! This sight is proof of it. Let me just list a few to give you an idea of CBD’s potential. Potential anticancer drug, treatment for anxiety disorders, reduces early pancreatic inflammation in type 1 diabetes, therapeutic properties for Alzheimer’s disease, the list goes on!.

Legality of CBD

CBD is no longer a schedule 1 drug! This is a win. Technicalities state by state can be a little blurry, especially right know during it’s transition into a more acceptable substance. There are nitty gritty details that are important to pay mind to. The that is being used to extract CBD has to be legal, farmers must be licensed, etc. One thing still remains true, no CBD oil company can claim any medical health claims. That would violate federal law. Future FDA approved CBD products will have a label saying so. Check out this article on VICE for more details. Check it out!

Stay in the Loop

As this transition plays out there will be more articles, more news, and an abundance of new products popping up quite frequently. I’ll be here to make some suggestions and continue to do my own research. We all should right?

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